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Quick and crafty PST file fixer - Recovery Toolbox for Outlook

Recovery ToolBox for Outlook (download) is designed to recover data from Microsoft Outlook pst files. The Microsoft Outlook mail client is part of the Microsoft Office software package and is one of the most popular mail clients in the world. The program can be also used to recover information from Microsoft Exchange ost files and/or convert them into Microsoft Outlook pst files.

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  • Recovery Toolbox for Outlook do not support Microsoft Outlook 2010 x64 yet.
  • Recovery Toolbox for Outlook do not support a recovering of contact groups yet.

Software compatible and recovery data from PST files of Outlook 97-2013

Microsoft Outlook stores all of its information in a pst file. Centralized storage has certain obvious advantages, but possesses a fair amount of vulnerability as well. The data file may be damaged by an unexpected power failure, a hardware or network crash and a number of other external factors. In such cases, all of your Outlook data seems to be lost and the prospect of quick recovery is rather vague. You may have no idea how to fix Microsoft Outlook yourself; neither do all the gurus you contact. It is high time you found an affordable and truly efficient Outlook fix tool that would help get back to your feet after such situations in the future. Recovery Toolbox for Outlook (download) is just what the doctor ordered for all users willing to have a standard answer to the question How to fix Outlook when everything seems to be lost already?, How to fix .pst file Outlook? The program will help you recover your information from a crashed Outlook installation, fix pst file and carry on with your tasks as before - all that done in mere seconds.

Being an excellent Outlook fixer, Recovery Toolbox for Outlook features an extremely intuitive wizard-based interface that guides you through all steps of data recovery. You may have no idea how to fix Outlook, but this program will take care of it for you. This program can also be used to recover data from Microsoft Exchange .ost files and convert them into Microsoft Outlook .pst files.

How to fix .pst file Outlook? Location of FixPST. PSTfix.

In order to fix pst file using Recovery Toolbox for Outlook (location of fixpst, pstfix), you simply have to follow a series of simple and concrete steps:

  • Select the source of *.pst file you would like to repair
  • Read (detect and recover) data from the selected *.pst file
  • Specify the location to save the recovered data to
  • Select the method of saving the recovered data
  • Save the data to the disk
  • Select one of the two available ways of copying the data to Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express and Windows Address Book:
    • Opening the new .pst file in Microsoft Outlook
    • Importing .vcf and .eml files

How to fix pst files in 2003? Fixpst Outlook 2007. Outlook .pst fixer.

How to fix pst files in 2003? Below is a more detailed explanation of how to fix Microsoft Outlook using Recovery Toolbox for Outlook (.pst file fixer, .pst fixer).

Once you have started the Outlook .pst fixer, you need to select the source file to fix. To do that, specify the path to the file by pressing the corresponding button and select the file you need from the list of files/profiles or specify its location on the disk. If you have only one profile with all the data stored in one pst file, the path to this file will be automatically displayed in the address field of the dialog box. Other options include selecting the file manually, selecting a previously used path by clicking a button to the right of the address field and using the built-in search. To use this tool, click the Search for .pst & .ost files button. After that, specify the search area (select one of the disks) and the extension of files to search for (select .pst, .ost or *.* in the Search Files with extension list). You can always stop the search process by pressing the corresponding button, which becomes available after you start searching. Once the search is over, select the necessary file and click the OK button of fixpst Outlook 2007 software.

How to fix a .pst file? How to fix the .pst file? .PST fix tool.

How to fix a .pst file? Now the Outlook fix tool will attempt to recover the data from the damaged file. The Outlook pst fix process may take some time depending on the size of the file and the speed of your system. Once it has finished, the contents of the damaged pst files will be available for viewing and analysis.

How to fix the .pst file? The next step allows you to specify the output location for the recovered data. You have several options: choose the necessary folder, type in the path or select a previously used path in the dropdown box. The wizard indicates low disk space on the destination drive by highlighting the required disk space field in red. It should be noted that the disk should have at least twice as much free space as the size of the original file. Continue to fix pst file by pressing the Next button.

Even if you are unsure how to fix Outlook and which methods to use, Fixpst tool will offer you some options. You have a choice of saving the output data either as a single .pst file or as a set of .eml, .vcf and .txt files. Choose the second variant if you are using the Outlook fixer to get a set of files that can be easily imported by other applications supporting these formats, such as Microsoft Outlook Express or Windows Address Book. Note that this pst file fixer only supports files up to 1 Gb in size. If the size of the file exceeds this level, several files will be generated. The demo version of Recovery Toolbox for Outlook supports up to five items to be extracted from each recovered folder. To remove this limitation, purchase the full version of the .pst fix tool.

The final step of the Outlook pst fix process copies the selected filed to the specified location using the method selected on the previous step. Once done, Recovery Toolbox for Outlook will display a progress report showing recovery statistics, such as the number of recovered folders, items, paths to the source and resulting files. If you are satisfied with the process, click the OK button. Congratulations, you have successfully used this Outlook fix tool and recovered some data from a damaged pst file!

The only thing left is importing the data into Outlook. Start it, select Open in the File menu and select one of the following file types:

  • Outlook Data File - in Microsoft Outlook XP
  • Personal Folders File (.pst) - in Microsoft Outlook 2000
  • Open Special Folder - in earlier versions of Microsoft Outlook

Select your recovered .pst file and see how your data is restored!

Recovery Toolbox for Outlook is not only a great Outlook fixer, but a tool that every active Outlook user should have or know about. Being an efficient and affordable application, it will save your time, money and the trouble of having to frantically look for anyone who can help you get your information back in case of a trouble. Choose Recovery Toolbox for Outlook (Fixpst) and feel insured from digital catastrophes!

  • Software fix outlook pst under Windows 98
  • Software fix outlook pst under Windows Me
  • Software fix outlook.pst under Windows NT 4.0
  • The Outlook pst fix tool compatible with Windows 2000
  • The Outlook pst fix tool compatible with Windows XP
  • The Outlook pst fix tool compatible with Windows Vista
  • Software fix pst file of Outlook 98
  • Software fix pst files of Outlook 2000
  • The pst file fix tool recover Outlook XP files
  • The pst file fix tool recover Outlook 2002 files
  • The pst fixer can recover Outlook 2003 PST files
  • The pst fixer can recover Outlook 2007 PST files
  • Tool fix .pst file protected by password


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